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1998 Bmw R 1200 For Sale

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1998 BMW R 1200 C Shaft drive (cardan) 10,000 miles
  • 10,000
  • Poulsbo, WA
  • 3 months
The engine is really barely broken-in, technically the major break-in service would be at 12,000 miles - but it has been serviced and pampered all it's life. Engine Type Air cooled/Oil cooled twin cylinder Bore x Stroke 101 mm x 73 mm Displacement 1170 cc Horsepower 61 bhp @ 5000 rpm Torque 70.85 lb.-ft. Serviced and maintained throughout, covered and on a BMW battery tender
10000 Miles✔ Shaft Drive (cardan) Transmission✔ Two Cylinder Boxer✔ Four-stroke Engine✔ Air Cooling System✔ 5-speed Gearbox✔ Air cooled engine✔ Steel fuel tank✔ Anti-lock braking system✔ Air system✔ Aluminum frame
US, Washington, Kitsap County, PoulsboPoulsbo, WA 3 months at
1998 BMW R 1200 C Shaft drive (cardan) 2,389 miles with Sidecar
  • 2,389
  • Warrenton, VA
  • 6 months
I have my rig listed on other sites. A fellow ebay user notified me of a scam listing of my bike on another site so i listed this ad there as well. The legit bike is located in warrenton, virginia. It is a shame others pollute the water for the rest of us, but there are a! 3$ everywhere. I am selling a couple of my bikes to help offset my daughter's first year of college this coming fall. Here are the particulars of my 1200c with a swiss built armec sidecar. This rig was built by bobs's bmw in jessup md. Bob has a nationwide, if not international reputation as a connoisseur of sidecar rigs and bmws in general. He was an armec dealer for many, many years and has built dozens of rigs. There are a handful of european manufacturers of sidecars and armec was one of the best. This rig has the sidewinder non-articulating sidecar installed. Meaning that the bike does not lean. The r1200c is well suited as a tug for sidecar duty. The steering geometry is excellent down the road and is very stable in corners or at freeway speeds. I keep ballast in the hack when solo which makes for more stable right hand turns. The condition of both the bike and sidecar is near perfect. It was obviously stored inside in it's previous life. I bought it last year after looking for an armec rig for years on end. The previous owner had passed away and it was being sold by a classic car restoration business for his heirs. When i bought it i took it to george at beemers uber alles (a bmw master mechanic) who went over it and pronounced the rig in great shape. I had new tires put on the bike, as well as rox bar backs, a new alternator belt and intake boots. The paint on the rig is gorgeous. Bmw blue and white, it has an opalescent finish which looks almost liquid in appearance. Bank cashiers checks will require 7 days to be verified by my bank. Cash will allow for immediate pick up. Mileage is a little under 2500 and i do take it out, sometimes driving to work or with my son to a soccer game. Video link: https://www. V=hthki7pronsanswers to some questions i have gotten:the front end has not been modified to my knowledge. I have a feeling that if it were necessary to do something with the steering, bob's bmw would have done it at the time of the build. The 1200c bike's stock rake and trail allows for relatively normal steering. I owned a bmw r1200clc rig and that was a pig to steer at low speed and in corners, even with a steering damper. Drum sidecar brake on the hack with connection to a hydraulic actuator which is visible just above the rear brake pedal in one of the photos. The bikes engine runs like it is new. The transmission, and engine do not show any signs of age. Power band is very smooth through the gears. Transmission and clutch engages without any issues. Overall handling while not light as on two wheels, is easy to steer into corners, pass on the highway. I have not gotten tired of driving the rig since i put the bar backs on. That allows for a more relaxed position in the saddle. The rig gets a consistent 31-33 mpg around townthere is no reverse gear.
2389 Miles✔ Shaft Drive (cardan) Transmission✔ Two Cylinder Boxer✔ Four-stroke Engine✔ Air Cooling System✔ 5-speed Gearbox✔ Sidecar
US, Virginia, Fauquier County, WarrentonWarrenton, VA 6 months at
1998 BMW R 1200 CL Belt 19,789 miles
  • 19,789
  • Evergreen, CO
  • 6 months
Figured i would relist it one more time.
19789 Miles✔ Belt Transmission
US, Colorado, Jefferson County, EvergreenEvergreen, CO 6 months at
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