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2009 Yamaha Et For Sale

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2009 Yamaha ET Chain 12,500 miles
  • 12,500
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 3 weeks
Spare set of Dunlop Q3 tires, Ohlins and Race tech front suspension, new driven chain and sprockets, 1 tooth up in the rear and 1 tooth down in the front.. Ohlins suspension rear, woodcraft rear sets, Yosh exhaust, power commander, Agv levers, Hotbodies Bodywork, all street bodywork and necessary street gear. 2009 Yamaha R1, Great condition, One owner, never down
12500 Miles✔ Chain Transmission
US, California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Sherman OaksLos Angeles, CA 3 weeks at
2009 Yamaha ET
  • McQueeney, TX
  • 2 months
Yamaha h/o twin jet 09’ i don’t like jets…. But this one really runs well. For such a big boat, this one gets with the program! What i really like about this one is the steering. 99% of jets don’t have rudders. This one has 4 and they are adjustable from virtually no rudder in the water to full depth. The full depth makes it much nicer for skiing and low speed handling around the dock or skiers in the water. They make a huge difference in the way the boat drives. My wife hates jets, too because she wrecked the first one she ever drove hitting the dock because it did not have rudders. It’s nice and has been taken good care of. Call 83o 865 3two51 or email pat at rpmsports dotcom.
US, Texas, Guadalupe County, McQueeneyMcQueeney, TX 2 months at
2009 Yamaha ET 300 Belt 2,460 miles
  • 2,460
  • 1427 below average
  • 3,000 great
  • Washington, DC
  • 3 months
1427 below average
Ohlins GP Race forks, Ohlins TTX Rear Shock, Marchesini Forged Magnesium Wheels, Graves Supersport Spec Engine, Flash Tune Electronics, Graves Quick Change Gear front and rear, Sharkskinz Race Bodywork, Graves Full Ti/Carbon Exhaust System, Graves Rearsets, Graves Clip ons, Ohlins Race Steering Damper, Custom Graves Billet Triple Clamps, Titanium Fasteners throughout, Complete Race Preparation from Graves Racing, Built and maintained by Graves Race Team Staff
2460 Miles✔ Belt Transmission
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US, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, WashingtonWashington, DC 3 months at 3,000
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