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2007 Vespa Lx For Sale

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2007 Vespa LX 150 - scooter
  • 965
  • 1,499
  • Idaho
  • 4 months
965 Miles✔ Electric Engine✔ Air Cooling System
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US, Idaho, Franklin CountyIdaho 4 months at 1,499
2007 Vespa LX 150
  • 2,580
  • 4,299
  • Oakdale, NY
  • 5 months
Take a new spin on an original classic. From the same pedigree as the first vespa prototype built by piaggio in 1946, the lx is 60 years in the making. Witness the evolution of style, comfort, and performance with the core values of vespa that never change: eco-friendly engineering, passion, individualism, and integrity.
2580 Miles
US, New York, Suffolk County, OakdaleOakdale, NY 5 months at 4,299
  • 1,725
  • 1,599
  • Marietta, GA
  • 4 months
The Vespa LX 50 has a wet weight of 211.6 pounds and a wheelbase of 50.4 inches. It is equipped with a single disc front brake and an expanding drum rear brake. Great for the short sprint around town. That changed when Vespa's owner, Piaggio, introduced the ET2 and ET4. The LX50 is full-size in every way except engine capacity. Like every Vespa built since the beginning back at the Pontadera factory in 1949, the LX uses a monocoque-style sheet-metal chassis. It also has a 30.5-inch seat height, which could be an obstacle for shorter riders. The good news is that the full size makes for a roomy, practical machine. Its big leg shield provides plenty of wind protection, and the roomy under-seat stash compartment (with the best warning sticker ever: 'No Pets') can carry plenty of loot; a full-face helmet even fits.
1725 Miles✔ Air Cooling System
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US, Georgia, Cobb County, MariettaMarietta, GA 4 months at 1,599
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