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1962 Ducati GT 8,351 miles
  • 8,351
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • 3 weeks
Rare 1962 ducati gt 200, amazing survivoritem descriptionducati produced the gt200 model for only 10 months, very rarecompletely original including paint, amazing survivor!
8351 Miles
US, Arizona, Maricopa County, ScottsdaleScottsdale, AZ 3 weeks at
2009 Ducati GT 1000 TOURING Belt Touring 2,900 miles
  • touring 2,900
  • San Jose, CA
  • 5 months
($1600 service, including new tires and timing belt)
Touring✔ 2900 Miles✔ Belt Transmission
US, California, Santa Clara County, San JoseSan Jose, CA 5 months at
1975 Ducati GT 750 5,532 miles
  • 5,532
  • New York, NY
  • 5 months
The 860 series used the engine and stressed member frame of Fabio Taglioni's original 750 GT L twin, with bevel cam drive and with the enlarged capacity achieved by using two of the Ducati 450 single-cylinder engine’s sleeves and pistons. The designer dispensed with both the sinuous tank shape and engine covers, and added large steel side covers to create an overa. A solid, nicely kept 1975 860 GT like this one represents the last reasonably priced bevel-drive twin
5532 Miles✔ Air Cooling System✔ Engine cover
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US, New York, Kings County, New York, BrooklynNew York, NY 5 months at
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