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2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan White 4 door FWD automatic Natural Gas
  • sedan 95,182
  • Hamilton, OH
  • 4 months
  • sedan 95,182 natural gas white automatic
Hamilton, OHHamilton, OH 4 months at
2003 Honda Civic Natural Gas Black FWD automatic Gasoline
  • 315,410
  • 320 below average
  • 3,495 good
  • Brooksville, FL
  • 2 months
  • 320 below average 315,410 gasoline black automatic
Civic LX and HX models now come with a standard CD player, and the driver's seat on the LX is now height-adjustable, as it has been on the EX. Sporty handling, miserly fuel economy. IntroductionHonda Civic is an icon Power Mirrors✔ Tachometer✔ Anti-lock Brakes✔ CD Player✔ Sunroof/Moonroof✔ Air Conditioning✔ Aluminum Wheels
3,495 Brooksville, FLBrooksville, FL 2 months at
2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan Grey 4 door FWD automatic Natural Gas
  • sedan 101,541
  • 1,107 below average
  • 9,888 good
  • Oklahoma
  • 2 months
  • 1,107 below average sedan 101,541 natural gas grey automatic
Anti-lock Brakes✔ Power Mirrors✔ Tachometer✔ Power Windows✔ Bucket Seats✔ Bluetooth✔ Air Conditioning✔ Cruise Control✔ Alloy Wheels
9,888 OklahomaOklahoma 2 months at
2017 Honda Civic Sport Touring
  • hatchback 3,002
  • 26,274 high price
  • La Crosse, WI
  • 4 months
  • hatchback 3,002 gasoline white
This 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback has great acceleration and wonderful styling without sacrificing exceptional fuel economy
26,274 La Crosse, WILa Crosse, WI 4 months at
2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan FWD automatic Natural Gas
  • sedan 50,795
  • 1,253 below average
  • 9,742 good
  • Port Huron, MI
  • 4 months
  • 1,253 below average sedan 50,795 natural gas automatic
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9,742 Port Huron, MIPort Huron, MI 4 months at
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2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan FWD automatic Natural Gas
  • sedan 58,160
  • 2,000 below average
  • 8,995 good
  • Manassas, VA
  • 4 months
  • 2,000 below average sedan 58,160 natural gas automatic
All vehicle prices exclude taxes, tags, title and processing fee of $499 additional. If vehicle is discounted for any reason, free powertrain warranty will not be given
8,995 Manassas, VAManassas, VA 4 months at
2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas coupe Blue FWD automatic Natural Gas
  • coupe 73,000
  • 495 below average
  • 10,500 fair
  • Taylorsville, UT
  • 3 months
  • 495 below average coupe 73,000 natural gas blue automatic
Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV/CNG) I have used this car as a commuter to work and back
10,500 Taylorsville, UTTaylorsville, UT 3 months at
2007 Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan manual Gasoline
  • sedan 110,742
  • 9,980 overpriced
  • Westminster, CO
  • 4 months
  • sedan 110,742 gasoline manual
Interesting features of this model are safety features, Standout styling, plenty of green choices with Hybrid and natural-gas GX, reputation for reliability, and fuel economy *Money-Back Guarantee is valid for 5 days or 250 miles, whichever comes first AM/FM✔ Bucket Seats✔ Power Locks✔ Power Windows✔ Cruise Control✔ CD Player✔ Sunroof/Moonroof✔ Air Conditioning✔ MP3 Player✔ Aluminum Wheels
9,980 Westminster, COWestminster, CO 4 months at
  • 162,410
  • 1,843 below average
  • 2,999 great
  • Houston, TX
  • 2 months
  • 1,843 below average 162,410 white automatic
Front-seat comfort is superb by a. Civics are notable for their excellent fuel economy and sporty handling Power Locks✔ Anti-lock Brakes✔ Power Mirrors✔ Tachometer✔ Climate Control✔ CD Player✔ Aluminum Wheels✔ Sunroof/Moonroof✔ Air Conditioning✔ Alloy Wheels
2,999 Houston, TXHouston, TX 2 months at
  • 122,607
  • 1,021 below average
  • 2,500 great
  • Houston, TX
  • 2 months
  • 1,021 below average 122,607 silver automatic
2002 honda civic review this car review is specific to this model, not the actual vehicle for sale. Hot si puts some performance back into the lineup. introductionhonda completely redesigned its civic lineup last year, coming out with all-new sedan and coupe models. This year, honda has revised the entire civic line to further improve handling and to reduce noise and vibration. The interior also gets some upgrades, particularly to the lx trim. That makes the 2002 civic line the state of the art in honda compacts.  also new, is a hot new hatchback. The honda civic si, a famous compact among performance enthusiast, adds some vinegar to the civic lineup.  regardless of model, the new honda civics offer quality, efficiency, pleasant road manners, and a comfortable cabin. They are among the best compact cars available.  honda's engineers are masters at space efficiency. Civic sedan, coupe, and hatchback body styles were all designed to maximize space for people and minimize the room given for mechanical systems. Compared with the previous-generation civics, the these new civics are roomier inside, yet smaller on the outside. Civic si comes with a high-output 2. 0-liter i-vtec engine rated at 160 horsepower. Si is not available with an automatic.  prices range from about $13,000 for a dx to about $15,000 for an lx to about $17,000 for an ex to about $19,000 for the si.  capable of 44 miles per gallon, the coupe hx 13,610) comes equipped with a fuel-efficient lean-burn engine teamed to the standard five-speed manual transmission. The hx coupe lean-burn engine achieves 117 horsepower. Hx is available with an optional continuously variable transmission, or cvt 1,000).  there's also a coupe gx with a natural gas-powered engine honda claims is the cleanest internal combustion engine in the world. Some think it's ugly, others love it and are quick to defend it. It's edgy and wedgy. The huge, flat windshield is steeply raked. The nose slopes radically downward, giving the car excellent aerodynamics and driver visibility. The special si mesh grille is framed by huge triangular headlamps. It's a bit slab-sided without any surface interruptions on the sides. Also, the wheels and tires do not visually look big enough for the bodywork. The si gets a subtle roof spoiler, dual tipped exhaust, and comes standard with a moonroof.  the sedan and coupe are a bit more conservative in appearance. They offer a wedge-shaped profile with a high, curt tail and low, abbreviated prow. The hood is an amazing 2. 6 inches lower than the hood of the previous-generation civic. A compact engine is stuffed into a condensed engine bay, leaving more space for the interior. The clean, conservative face features a discreet horizontal grille set between larg triangular multi-lens headlamps that curve around the corners. A wide air intake stretches across the body-colored bumper with a low front spoiler added for downforce. Relatively flat flanks carry linear molding. Windshield pillars arch into the rolled roof to meet the rear arches of narrow c-pillars. The coupe comes with a more aggressive windshield rake than the sedan for a sportier look. Civic coupe's taillamps offer a signature pattern of light at night. The sedan and coupe share the same wheelbase and structure. Honda achieved this when it redesigned the civic by raising the roof, moving the a-pillars forward and creating a flat cabin floor. Like most hondas, the civic passenger compartment feels airy and open.  the sedan seats provide excellent support and utilize a rigid structure with aggressive side bolsters. The seat cushions stand about an inch higher than the previous design to make entry and exit easier.  the si seats are excellent, comfortable for long drives, and supportive for hard driving. They look and feel upscale with alcantara-like trim on the side bolsters and a sporty fabric in the middle with red accent stitching. The seating position in the si reminds me of the volkswagen beetle, with the big dash and the sharply raked windshield. The civic si seems more comfortable than der beetle, however.  the first thing people notice about the si interior is that the shifter is mounted on the console like on an old alfa romeo. Though it looks odd at first, it turns out to be perfectly located for quick and easy shifting. It's close to the steering wheel. It's almost reminiscent of a formula car. Honda calls it rally style, but i've never seen a rally car with a console-mounted shifter. Regardless, it works really, really well and we instantly liked it.  in the coupe, the front seatbacks stretch broad and deep, and headrests are open at the center like a doughnut. Front seatbelts attach to a side anchor bar that slides out of the way when someone climbs into the back seat. The seat also cooperates for rear entry by sliding forward under power when the seatback tilts forward, then returns to its original position due to a memory setting. In the sedan, rear legroom increases by nearly two inches over the previous-generation (pre-2001) civic sedan. The coupe gains about a half inch over the previous-generation coupe. Rear-seat space for hips and shoulders is fractionally larger in the new civic than in the previous-generation model. The flat floor allows rear-seat passengers to spread their feet out, and is among the best compacts in this regard. This is particularly noteworthy in the coupe where traditionally a two-door format skimps on rear foot space.  the hatchback is quite practical with a big cargo compartment that opens up further when the rear seats are folded.  the cockpit looks clean and efficient with a new instrument panel tucked beneath a barrel cowl. Round white-on-black analog instruments include an oversized speedometer and tachometer in a central position flanked by smaller fuel and coolant gauges. In the coupe, gauges show silver highlights and glow with amber light at night. The si features black numbers on white gauges, giving it a sporty appearance; a bright red si badge adds color.  hvac controls are wonderfully designed with large rotary dials for heating, ventilation, and fan speed stacked just to the left of the audio system controls. Separate buttons for air conditioning, recirculate, and rear-window defrost are arrayed just below the audio system. It's a clean design that's very easy to operate.  we wish we could say the same for audio system, which suffers from small buttons and knobs. Also, the stereo sounded only mediocre.  safety equipment includes front seatbelt pretensioners for lap and shoulder, two-stage frontal airbags, three-point safety belts for five seat positions, child seat anchor brackets for the back seat and an emergency trunk release lever inside the trunk. Optional side-impact airbags are available, along with anti-lock brakes. driving impressionbeneath the new styling, the civic rides on a stiff new structure. With its more powerful engine, the es produces lively acceleration, while the manual gearbox affords more driver control. This engine produces 127 horsepower and its torque extends across a broad rpm band, so the driver gets good throttle response at any speed. Shifting is smooth and precise, due to the revised feel of the stick with notched stop points added between gears. This is most noticeable with the automatic transmission; a little more time is needed in the passing lane when trying to pass another vehicle at speed.  these are smooth, quiet cars. When driving at highway speed, riders may converse in a normal voice without distractions from mechanical or wind noises. Indeed, the quietness of the civic rivals far more expensive cars. Ride quality is smooth and easy with the civic's new suspension. (all models use macpherson struts up front and a double wishbone in the rear.) noise, vibration and harshness are low, largely due to improvements. Tachometer✔ Power Mirrors✔ Anti-lock Brakes✔ Air Conditioning✔ Sunroof/Moonroof
2,500 Houston, TXHouston, TX 2 months at